Try Elinext CRM in action

Guide your sales department with Elinext CRM, track instantly all its activity: every invoice, deal, and new customer and take decisions from wherever you are.

Elinext CRM compiles and stores all the interaction and history of contacts, sales activity, payment materials into single data source.

Increase your business capacity like never before attracting and retaining more clients through advanced customer relationship management system.

Elinext CRM Advantages

Go mobile with Elinext CRM

The Elinext CRM is available on the mobile app so you have a possibility to create more profound relationships with customers at your fingers, being accessible at any time in any corner of the world.

Customize CRM to your industry

The CRM can be customized according to any industry specific needs targeting your business process and goals. Our specialists are ready to consider industry specific challenges and sharpen Elinext CRM functionality according to your wishes.

Integrate data from website, email and phones

With Elinext CRM your sales managers are able to call clients directly from the CRM using IP telephony apps, send and handle emails and receive leads from your website.

Manage information flows

Control and implement flawless interaction with your customers and partners due to Elinext CRM Software where all phone calls results, messages, meetings and client data are placed.

Monitor sales department results

With Elinext CRM you access immediately current data about sales funnel and reports with all transactions, their stages and profitability. Be aware of all bolts and screws of your sales machine.

Create invoices inside CRM

Generate personalized invoices on the fly as all client data, products, services, and their prices are automatically inserted into invoice from CRM and directly can be sent to the client's email in PDF format.


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